Thomas van den Nieuwenhoff

Colleagues know me as a studious person with a passion for IT. During my studies I gained a lot of knowledge with a focus on virtualization, containerization, cloud, ethical hacking, IT architecture, security engineering, and IT management. I am always looking for ways to enrich my knowledge. At SALT, I currently focus on educating IT professionals, helping our customers achieve a better security posture and hopefully making the world a bit safer.


Do you want to know more about me? Make sure to visit my about page!

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My first blog post hasn’t been written yet, but I will at some point. Some time ago, I felt the urge to have a place where I could blog about something. There’s definitely something in the works, but it needs some more time.

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Who doesn’t like showing off the things they’ve made? On my projects page, I’ve selected a few of the things I made over the years. All of them have working demos, so definitely check them out!

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If you would like to reach out to me, be sure to check out the contact page. I have a few social media accounts you could reach me at, but also a contact form.

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This personal wiki is somewhat of an experimental ground for me. At some point, I wanted it to be a complete brain dump, blog, and community combined. You can find some knowledge from my study there, but that’s it. Be sure to check it out though, because it’s built on the amazing platform Wiki.js.

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